Information about IMPROOFME


IMPROOFME is the first global crowdsourcing marketplace for academia. It is used by a global, diverse group of graduates and academics and designed to simplify the process of getting academic work checked before submission. 

IMPROOFME allows both students and tenured scholars to post jobs for proofing and reviewing academic texts, that other academics can bid to complete.  

Non-native speakers face enormous difficulties in finding competent and locally available native speakers to proofread and review their work to high academic standards in time.

Seeking to connect scholars with shared academic interest and complementary language skills world wide, IMPROOFME acknowledges that for any good academic output collaboration and proofreading exchange is indispensable and should be made available to every academic in the world.

Since English has become the lingua franca in academic debates, and students and scholars are increasingly under pressure to write in English, IMPROOFME crucially aims at fostering high quality academic output from scholars and academic institutions outside the Anglophone world. In doing so, IMPROOFME seeks to counterbalance linguistic imbalances that dominate academia. Seeking to provide scholars around the world with equal opportunities, IMPROOFME has a decidedly meritocratic mission, enabling scholars from China to Cameroon, Brazil to Germany, England to Thailand to compete on a level playing field.