I will Academic and Developmental Editing for ESL Scholars

I specialize in intensive academic and developmental editing of ESL scholars' writing. Most of my clients are doctoral students and recent PhDs in need of assistance with dissertation writing, publishing, and grant and career development.

My editing is more intensive than standard copyediting, as I provide extensive developmental feedback and language editing to get your work sounding as natural as possible to native English academic audiences; my rates and turn-around time reflect my high level of expertise and the very intensive time and effort I put into your work.

Beyond editing, I welcome all questions pertaining to writing development and research/career mentoring. I have a BA, 2 MAs, and a PhD from R1 universities in the US and know how the American academic system works. My areas of expertise are anthropology, history, philosophy, and cultural studies. Clients in other fields of research are welcome to contact me to see if I can be of assistance to you.

All editing includes two rounds of revision (round 1: copyediting and developmental feedback; round 2: follow-up, editing of new material, and proofreading), so you have a chance to respond to my feedback and seek additional advice on any changes made. Please stay in touch and keep me updated on your writing, research, and career success!

Academic areas of expertise and research interests: Social Sciences and Humanities: Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies
Service Type:
Critique and advice
Language improvement
Code checking
Formatting Style (APA, MLA, Chicago ect.)
Text Type:
Conference paper, written lecture
Edited volume
Article (Journal paper, Book chapter)
Term paper
BA thesis
MA thesis
PhD thesis
Accepted formats:
Google Docs
Microsoft Word
Any requirements? : Work needs graduate-level standards of research and writing. All manuscripts submitted should be close to a final or complete draft; this ensures that my feedback more precisely pertains to the content and argumentation of your work and not to issues solely with its presentation. I am capable of rephrasing sentences within your work, but I will not write extensive new content or entire paragraphs, which would be in violation of academic ethics. No plagiarism.
Can complete task in : Under 10 days
Number of revisions: 2
Link to an example of your work. (Google doc): https://legacy-etd.library.emory.edu/view/record/pid/emory:rxq1x
1st degree from: George Washington University
Subject area: Anthropology
Qualification Level: Bachelor
Date of graduation MM/YY: 05/09
2nd degree from: Emory University
Subject area: Anthropology
Qualification Level: Masters (MA)
3rd degree from: Emory University
Subject area: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Dual MA-PhD)
Qualification level: PHD
Language: English
Language competency: Native
Non-Disclosure :
The Recipient agrees not to disclose the confidential information obtained from other users to anyone unless required to do so by law.

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